Public Anthropology


2017  Teaching Sovereignty. Invited post on the Cultural Anthropology website’s Teaching Tools section.

2017  Planeterra Nullius: A Post-Apocalyptic Parable. Sci-fi story in Fulbright’s Minds and Hearts magazine.

2017  Indigenous Filmmakers Reimagine Science. Invited spotlight article for

2017  Outer Space Trilogy 1: Haircuts and Billionaires. Podcast with David Valentine for Anthropod.

2017  Outer Space Trilogy 2: Moon Dust and Cosmo/politics. Podcast with Debbora Battaglia for Anthropod.

2017  Outer Space Trilogy 3: Ice Cream and Architecture. Podcast with Valerie Olson for Anthropod.

2017  John Hartigan and the Politics of Whiteness. Invited post on the Cultural Anthropology website.

2016  Talking Hands. Invited blog post and three-minute video about Aboriginal sign language for

2015  Navajos on Mars: Native Sci-fi Film Futures. Invited post on Space + ­Anthropology.

2015  Native Sci-fi Films and Trailers. Native sci-fi film streaming archive on Space + ­Anthropology.

2015  Teaching Native Sci-fi Films. VAR Article Supplement, Classroom Activities and Discussion Questions.

2015  Serenity and Bush Bashing in the Great Sandy Desert. Newsletter article in The Fulbrighter 25(5).

2015  The Making of “Marumpu Wangka.” Invited blog post on ABC OPEN’s Mother Tongue website.

2013  Conference Chic, or, How to Dress like an Anthropologist. Co-authored blog post on Anthrodendum.