Teaching Experience

I have taught 26 courses as the instructor of record, in addition to being a teaching assistant for nine courses and a writing tutor for over two years.

My teaching experiences in anthropology have included a variety of institutional models with diverse student body demographics, including the R1 university, branch campus, liberal arts college, community college, and online teaching. With each year I have expanded my pedagogical skillset, especially in regard to working with students from diverse backgrounds, and have completed two certificates in college teaching and a faculty learning program on engaging Indigenous students and topics. 



Anthropology: 17 courses as the instructor of record, 9 courses as a TA

Writing and Rhetoric: 9 courses as the instructor of record, 2 years as a tutor


Courses Taught

Bowdoin College (Brunswick, ME)

  • ANTH 1016 Imagining Futures

  • ANTH 2350 Global Indigenous Cinema

  • ANTH 2840 Contemporary Issues of Native North America

  • ANTH 2010 Ethnographic Research

University of Colorado (Boulder, CO)

  • Graduate Instructor, ANTH 3160 Peoples of the South Pacific (83 students)

  • Graduate Instructor, ANTH 4020 Contemporary Issues in Native American Life

  • Graduate Instructor, WRTG 1150 First Year Writing and Rhetoric (9 sections)

  • Film Production Workshop Facilitator, ANTH 1170 Culture/Gender/Film

St. Joseph’s College (Brooklyn, NY)

  • Adjunct Professor, ANT 151 Cultural Anthropology

Indiana University (Richmond, IN)

  • Online Course Instructor, ANTH 104 Culture and Society

  • Online Course Assistant, ANTH 320 Native North America (2 sections)

  • Online Course Assistant, ANTH 104 Culture and Society (2 sections)

  • Online Course Assistant, ANTH 300 Cultures of the World

  • Online Course Assistant, ANTH 103 Human Origins and Prehistory

Arapahoe Community College (Littleton, CO)

  • Online Course Instructor, ANT 101 Cultural Anthropology (2 sections)

Miami University (Hamilton, OH)

  • Adjunct Professor, ATH 185 Cultural Diversity in the US (3 sections)

  • Adjunct Professor, ATH 175 Peoples of the World (2 sections)

  • Adjunct Professor, ATH 304 Contemporary Issues in Native American Life

  • Adjunct Professor, ATH 477 The Anthropology of Food (independent study)

University of Denver (Denver, CO)

  • Teaching Assistant, SOCS 1010, Anthropology: Global Perspectives (2 sections)


Awards and Professional Development in Teaching

2019 Center for Learning and Teaching Baldwin Fellow, Bowdoin College

2017  Graduate Instructor Teaching Excellence Award (Nominated), University of Colorado

2017  Graduate Certificate in College Teaching, Graduate Teacher Program, University of Colorado

2011   Part-Time Educator Program Certificate, Miami University

2011   Member of a Faculty Learning Community on Teaching Indigeneity, Miami University